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At Copiose, we make Technology worth reading. Do you need concise, focused and accurate Technical Writing? Do you wish to have an error-free, but also an audience-based Technical Writing? We understand companies are looking for great Technical Writing when it comes to emerging technologies. Our amazing Technical Writing adopts a lean, but effective approach to address these needs properly. Chances are that your organization is not comfortable with the Technical Writing services other companies offer. Don’t worry. We are here to help you start with small steps and building upon them as your company convey a powerful message in the most clear and effective way. We want to help you improve your progress with our awesome Technical Writing and refine your perfection. Let our Technical Writing fill you up inside!

Our sensational Technical Ghostwriting helps you draft or edit any written material and have your Technical work in your own voice, regardless of subject matter or Technology. Our Technical Writing also helps you write or rewrite your Technical training guides, classroom courses and improve turn-around time. We also help you edit your Technical scripts for your videos or webinars and save money.

Data Visualization – Storytelling

Our exceptional Data Visualization helps you present your data and Technical Information in story form to maximize the effectiveness of your Technical Communication. Our Technical Writing helps you create deeper emotional responses in your audience and turn “facts and figures” into “story” to engage and fulfill your human expectation for Technical Information.


Our amazing Technical Writing in the form of Copywriting convinces your clients to take the recommended action and raise brand awareness. Our Technical Writing helps you create brochures, catalogs, product descriptions, apps, magazine and newspaper advertisements, sales letters and other marketing communications with a proven process to engage, persuade and sell.


Our awesome Technical Writing used as Technical Blogging is the fastest and most effective way to significantly increase referral traffic to your site. With our Technical Writing, you get targeted content ready for your social media sites, help-type files and digital promotions. Our Technical Blogging also helps you share your Technical expertise while building a potentially valuable readership and reputation.


Attract The Right Clients

Our Technical Writing helps you get the right clients visiting your website, build a social media following platform and stand out in your niche.

Improve SEO

Our Technical Writing is the best way to add great content and keywords to your website so that you show up at the top of your potential audience search.

Increase Credibility

Our Technical Writing helps you increase productivity, resolve issues and avoid errors, boost your brand recognition and deliver quality.

About US

Copiose is only worldclass Technical Writing. The company is formed by a group of experienced entrepreneurs, Technical Writing professionals and staff members that are passionate about helping you reach your Technical Writing goals. Our Technical Writing is always done with both, the analysis/design and the process/detail mindset. We partner with you and your team to deliver the best Technical Writing service and enable your ongoing business success.
Our Technical Writing: Inspired by Quality.

Copiose has been around since 2014. The company started as a side project funded by various Technical Writing jobs. Our well-written Technical Writing followed formal standards or guidelines. Our Technical Writing also came in many styles and formats, depending on the medium and subject area. Printed and online documentation as part of our Technical Writing were different in various ways, but still were adhered to largely identical guidelines for prose, information structure, and layout. We employed engineers, scientists, and other professionals to develop, edit and format the material needed as part of our Technical Writing; but also to advise about the best means of information delivery to the customers’ audiences. We know users seek out for searchable and relevant information rather than read entire documents. You can find our Technical Writing in the form of ghostwriting, copywriting and blogging on UpWork, LinkedIn ProFinder, Freelancer, Guru, Peopleperhour, Freelance Writing Gigs, Simply Hired, IFreelance, Aquent, The Creative Group and Kolabtree, among others. Now, we are the only choice for those Start-Ups and Tech Companies around the globe who are ready to effect a powerful development in their organizations with our amazing Technical Writing and leave their mark in the world. We want to democratize awesome Technical Writing for everyone, offering innovative services that empower our customers to grow. But enough about us—let’s talk about you. Whether you own a small business and need efficient, bite-sized learning opportunities, not massive manuals for your users; or maybe you are a contractor or a freelancer who wants to visualize data with storytelling for clients to support their decision-making; you need an astonishing Technical Writing service that takes care of the ways you communicate best, so you focus on leading the way in your organization.

  • We are a customer-centric organization

    We always place our customers first and at the core of our Technical Writing. Our organization places the right metrics and incentives that are critical to achieve and exceed customer-experience goals with our Technical Writing services. We view our customers as the most valuable long-term investment.

  • We act with urgency

    Our Technical Writing helps you share your information in a consistent and accurate way. Whether you require your Technical Writing be edited or translated in other languages, such as Spanish, Portuguese, German or Chinese; or you need great Technical Writing that entices your readers to click buy; it doesn't matter. For us, today is the time for action!

  • We envision the business and technology future

    We conceive a long term purpose when it comes to progress and technology for our Technical Writing. Our remarkable Technical Writing services are the best way to convey your message for any technical or occupational fields, such as aeronautics, biotechnology, computer hardware and software, engineering, robotics and nanotechnology, among others.

  • We bring a depth of experience and expertise

    We convey our practical knowledge of emerging technologies (AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, IoT, M2M, Wireless) and viewpoints of diverse industries and vertical markets to deliver the most efficient and cost effective Technical Writing services.

Our Team

Our environment is secure, safe and blame free. We also cultivate an ambience of humility and curiosity. We open our mind to change. YES, we always can, because we work together as a team. NO, we don't attack people, we attack problems. We seek simple solutions whenever possible for our Technical Writing services. And If something is broken, we stop to fix it! By the way, we use more creativity than capital in the way we do Technical Writing. For us, problems are opportunities in disguise.

Our Way to Solve Problems